Pupil Premium

Brookfields School aims to use pupil premium funding to help us achieve and sustain positive outcomes for our disadvantaged pupils. Whilst socio-economic disadvantage is not always the primary factor our pupils face, all of our pupils may be considered to be in the disadvantaged group due to the nature of their special educational needs and disabilities, and face particular challenges around:

  • Academic attainment
  • Progression to further education
  • Preparation for Adulthood
  • Employability
  • Social opportunities
  • Communication

The focus of our approach is on high quality teaching, concentrating on the areas our pupils require most, including targeted support based on a robust assessment of need, and ensuring that all learners are able to access a broad and balanced curriculum.

Our pupil premium strategy is integral to wider school plans for education recovery, and is driven by the needs and strengths of all our young people. This will help us to ensure we continue to offer them the relevant skills, knowledge and behaviours they require to be prepared for adulthood.

Please see our pupil premium strategy document below for further details. If you require any more information in relation to the pupil premium, eligibility of your child for Pupil Premium or its use at Brookfields please do not hesitate to contact either Eleanor Bukht (Deputy Head Teacher), or Patrick Mitchell (School Business Manager), who will be happy to answer any questions about Pupil Premium funding.

The next strategy review will take place in autumn 2024 and the report will be updated in December 2024