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Supported Internship Programme

Brookfields School works in partnership with Ways into Work, Addington School and Reading College to deliver a supported internship programme known as Route to Recruit.


Preparing young adults to have sustainable and progressive careers in the local labour market and to become active citizens in an ever-changing world

Our vision sets out to meet the aspirations of young adults who have the same expectations of gaining meaningful employment as the rest of their peers. We want to address businesses needs through an asset-based approach, developing students to have competitive skills, knowledge and attributes that are relevant to the local labour market. We look to champion ambition and understand that a supported internship is just the start of a young adult’s career in the workplace and that career development and progression is something for everyone to aspire to.

Alongside our focus on employment, Route to Recruit recognises that the acquisition and successful application of daily living and social skills are equally important, which is why we offer a comprehensive programme to develop these key elements of autonomous citizenship.

What is a supported internship?

The text below is taken from the Department for Education’s Supported Internship Guidance 2017

A supported internship is one type of study programme specifically aimed at young people aged 16 to 24 who have a statement of special educational4 needs or an EHC plan, who want to move into employment and need extra support to do so.

All young people should be helped to develop the skills and experience, and achieve the qualifications they need to succeed in their careers. The overwhelming majority of young people with SEN are capable of sustainable paid employment with the right preparation and support. All professionals working with them should share that presumption. Colleges that offer courses which are designed to provide pathways to employment should have a clear focus on preparing students with SEN for work. This includes identifying the skills that employers value, and helping young people to develop them.

Supported internships are structured study programmes based primarily at an employer. They are intended to enable young people with learning difficulties and/or disabilities to achieve sustainable, paid employment by equipping them with the skills they need for work through learning in the workplace. Internships normally last for a year and include unpaid work placements of at least six months. Wherever possible, they support the young person to move into paid employment at the end of the programme. Students complete a personalised study programme.

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