What do we want to achieve by teaching this at Brookfields?
What do we want pupils to be able to do by the time they leave?

By teaching PSHE and RSE at Brookfields School we want our students to be able to experience a range of activities, to enable them to make their own choices, to be knowlgeable what is safe and what is not, and to empower our students to speak up when things don’t feel safe.

By the time our students leave, we want them to be able to manage their own needs as much as they can, from feeling safe when adults attend to personal care to living independently. We want our students to be able to form relationships with people they work with, or people they want to spend time with.


Coverage and breadth – series of sequential lessons
Any specific strategies used within your subject to aid delivery e.g. Read Write Inc for English
Special events and external opportunities e.g. joint events with other schools, interschool competitions and community visits etc.

EYFS/preformal – for these learners, the whole curriculum is linked with PSHE.  This involves play, sharing space, building relationships, awareness of emotions, tolerating and involvement in personal care and hygiene.

Semiformal – these learners will experience strong curriculum links to PSHE through topic, as well as discrete PSHE/RSE lessons available from KS2 upwards where appropriate. There is a focus on awareness of the students’ own bodies and safety in RSE. Students will work on learning about their emotions and start to come up with techniques to manage them.

Formal – these learners will have discrete RSE and PSHE lessons (RSE from yr5 upwards). Students will learn about their bodies and changes which happen through puberty, safety and working towards relationships, safe relationships and onto contraception, conception and sexual safety as students go up through the school. Students will work on managing their emotions and have strategies to use consistently.

All learners will have a theme of safety and health appropriate to them throughout their time at Brookfields. Lessons will show a range of people and relationships to ensure all sectors of our community are visible. E-safety lessons are part of the curriculum for our Formal learners, but are available to other students as and when they are needed. More and more time is spent online, and it is vital that our students learn how to use technology safely. Classes will use a range of resources, including from the NSPCC and PSHE Association.

PSHE lessons allow opportunities to celebrate specific dates such as Children in Need, Red Nose Day, Anti-Bullying Week and Mental Health Awareness Day.


As a result of high quality teaching of PSHE and RSE, (commensurate to their needs and starting points) our students will know how to look after themselves, keep themselves safe and assert themselves if they have a problem, and be positive members of society and their community.   


What questions do we think parents/stakeholders might have?

Will I know what my child is learning in RSE?

Yes, a letter will go home with your child before they start RSE outlining what will be covered in the lessons.

What if I have questions about what my child is learning?

Contact your child’s teacher of Rhian Jeffreys (Head of PSHE and RSE)

I think my child needs teaching on something which isn’t on the letter. Is this possible?

If you think your child has a specific need that should be addressed, speak to their class teacher, and they will liaise with Rhian Jeffreys and SLT if needed to make sure your child gets the support they need.

We are an LGBTQ+ family. Will my child see families that look like ours in their lessons?

Yes, all teaching shows different types of families and relationships to ensure visibility. No type of family or relationship is promoted above another.