Our aim as a creative and innovative Physical Education department is to find, create and develop opportunities for all pupils to engage in motivating physical activities. At Brookfields School we expect all pupils to participate in physical activity regularly, at school, at home and beyond. Pupils learn the fundamental movement skills that are required to develop self-help skills and physical competency throughout life.


The PE curriculum at Brookfields School develops fundamental skills, knowledge and understanding in a progressive way throughout the school, and it can look very different depending on the age and needs of the pupils. In all our PE lessons we aim to improve pupils’ fine and gross motor skills, develop confidence, learn sports in social situations and find sports or activities that they enjoy.

Opportunities are given to all pupils to participate in new activities and develop new skills, through specific coaching, new initiatives and offsite activities. These include activities such as: Climbing at Adventure Dolphin, Swimming, team and individual sports, Gymnastics, Rebound Therapy, Explore PE, Real PE, Sherborne Movement, Yoga and inclusive Panathlons.

Competitive sport is taught within some areas of the school and is developed through intra-school events and inter-school competitions with other SEN schools, such as our school Sports Days, football tournaments organised by Reading Football Club and the Berkshire School Games.


Throughout our pupils' journey at Brookfields School we provide a curriculum that allows maximum participation from all pupils whilst meeting their wide range of physical needs. Our PE curriculum will also have a positive impact on all pupil’s mental health as well as their personal, social and emotional development.

By the time our pupils reach adulthood, they will have experienced a broad array of sports, physical activities and therapies. This will equip them with hobbies and interests that will engage and promote a physical and healthy lifestyle beyond school.


What is Panathlon?

Panathlon is a national charity which gives young people with disabilities and special educational needs every year the opportunity to take part in competitive sport.