Vocational Curriculum

Name of curriculum:

Vocational – Preparing for adulthood phase

Who is it for?:

This is an age-related phase rather than a unique or stand-alone curriculum for all pupils age 14 to 19.

All pupils who remain at Brookfields for Key Stage 4 and 5 who follow the PMLD, CLDD, Semi Formal or Formal Pathways will go through this phase. It is specifically designed to bring greater focus and preparation to pupils’ next destinations and life outside and beyond education.

During this phase, some pupils may elect to move on to further education, training or employment from the end of Year 11 onwards, without completing 3 full years of Sixth Form.

How is it organised?

The phase is organised into three main strands:

  • Skills for Life

I am able to apply my knowledge and skills at home, in work and in the community

  • What’s next?

I am able to make informed choices about my future and access meaningful education and welfare at a destination appropriate to my interest and commensurate to my learning needs.

  • Being Me

I can thrive as an active citizen in my community

The weighting to each of these strands will be bespoke to the individual pupil and driven by their aspirations, their future destinations and their EHCP Outcomes. Embedded across all four strands are the areas of Creativity and Enquiry.

Broadly speaking, it would be expected that emphasis for Students with Profound and Complex Learning difficulties will focus on ‘Being Me!’

Students with Severe Learning difficulties will have greater time dedicated to ‘Skills for Life’ and ‘Being Me’ 

Students with Moderate Learning difficulties will have a greater focus on developing their skills for employment, internships, apprenticeships and college, whilst also recognising the importance of the other two strands.

How will the phase be delivered?

During pupils’ time following the Vocational Curriculum, the learning focus will switch from acquisition of new skills to generalisation and application of the skills that they will need when they transition into the next phase of their life.

Delivery of these learning opportunities will be largely community and enterprise based with increasing offsite experiences, employer engagement commensurate to their needs and interaction with local services.

There will be a strong emphasis on co-production of planning with individual pupils and their families, initiated through the annual review process and then through regular tutor contact.